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Tiemersma Tiemensma Timersma Tymersma Tijmersma Tijmensma Tymensma
number in NL telephone registry 1999
199              18                  19                   4                    8                    5                   1            
1033 persons registered since 1650
However, not anyone is family to each other!
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Lycklama a Nijeholt
A local emloyee of the town of Wommels entered newborn children of  Tiemensma (root of Roelof Tijmens from Heerenveen)
as Tiemersma,because his own name was Tiemersma
(root of Gerrit Andries, possibly from the farm
Timertsma-state near the Timertsmar in Grou area)
From then, most spellings of Timmersma, Tymersma and Tiemensma became one and the same Tiemersma
in engels, want friesland werd voor velen te klein......
en net yn it frysk, ek al fjille jo josels der noflik by........

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