Goal of genealogy of Tiemersma family

One could only look for his anchestors of both kins. Here however the goal is to know the place in the family tree of all persons that had or have the name Tiemersma or names connected to that. Thus, you will not find anchestors of the maternal sides.

Info on the way information was collected

in the early eighties, some 5.000 advertisements of family announcements that were collected at The Hague's Central Bureau of Genealogy were copied. It was a nice sport to connect te dat like a jig-saw puzzle. Also impressive was the narritive history that passes by, especially when year after year new childs were born, but died in the weeks thereafter. In the end the mother died herself.

Those first data have been checked and widened in the late eighties by searches in the collection of the State Archive in Friesland at Leeuwarden, were many data out of filmcopies of birth, death and marriage registers were copied. There is list of registries that still should be searched out there.

In the early nineties the collection could be enlarged with data from some far-related Tiemersma's that had made real search on (only) their ancestors: Jacobus (Koos) Tiemersma from Kollumerzwaag and Albert Tiemersma from Grijpskerk. By one or other reason we had also visits of far-related Tiemersma's like John and Eunice Tiemersma from Palos Heights USA.

Now that Internet era has arrived, new possibilties for sampling of data have come. We now and then get emails with data-parts that are very useful. Also a big map of single data is awaiting adding or checking the trees. As genealogy teaches, there is no eternity to mens life. But new generations come and may add information to the Familiy Tree of Tiemersma